About Us


Refeel & reinvent is the motto of Serie 20.

Anne-Sophie started to make handcrafted creations combined with vintage jewelry as well as rare ribbons & buttons to create what has become a bright sophisticated line, in which each piece tells a story.

Serie 20 is inspired by Anne-Sophie's love for crafted beautiful materials and one-of-a-kind vintage finds.


Every creation is limited to a maximum of 20 pieces. Each item is unique, numbered & handmade in her studio in Antwerp.

The materials are sourced all around the world where traditional methods still survive. The idea is to keep the tradition alive and give it a contemporary look. No attempt to perfection, each irregularity is an added value.


Serie 20 is an eclectic mix of styles. Anne-Sophie is happy to share her newly born website with you, the only place on earth to purchase the collection.


As the collection is created regardless of the seasons and is inspired by daily life, visit the website regulary for unexpected new items.


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